Mortgage Alliance
1. Josephine Petruzzo, ON LIC# 10530
Mortgage Agent (Speaks Italian)
Mobile:  416.845.9078
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Lending Logic Financial
Broker Lic.# 11782

2. Michelle Brienza, FSCO Lic.# M08006298
Mortgage Agent (Speaks Italian)
Mobile:  416.272.1173
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3. Flavia Da Silva, FSCO Lic.# MO8009600
Mortgage Broker (Speaks Portuguese & Spanish)
Mobile:  416.804.7705
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TD Canada Trust
4. Zelia Gouveia
Mobile Mortgage Specialist
Mobile:  416.835.0103

Appraisal Services

Top Class Appraisal

Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants
Calvin Brown, B.A., CRA
Residential Appraiser
Direct:  416.569.9792


Home Insurance

1. Silvia Rusanova, M.Sc., R.I.B.O., C.I.P.
Insurance Broker
Mobile:  647.719.6463

2. Sam Jazayeri, B.B.A., R.I.B.O.
Insurance Broker
Mobile:  416.885.6135

*These information is for helping you find services you may need but you should interview them individually and higher based on your discresion.
Please Note: Nellie Terzieva or Remax West Realty Inc., Brokerage do not waranteed or guaranteed their work in any way